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When Do You Know It’s Time for a Garage Door Replacement?


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    Want to increase the value of your home? Looking to remodel and do a facelift to improve your property’s curb appeal? Is your current garage door too old? Whatever the scenario is, there’s that one situation that will prompt you to seek garage door replacement services.

    At JTH Garage Doors, we will guide you through the entire process of choosing the best garage door. We want to make sure the new garage door is not only attractive to look at but that it’s also easy to maintain and operate. We have the necessary experience and expertise required to replace various types of garage doors. This irrespective of their weight, size or shape.

    Many times our clients ask if they should repair their garage door as opposed to replacing it. But while cost of a garage door repair is far much cheaper, we look at the value you get in the long run and advise you on the best route to take. If that route leans more towards a garage door replacement, then we will encourage you to see the benefits of replacing your faulty garage door with a newer, more functional one.

    To help paint a more vivid picture, here are some red flags indicating that it’s time for a garage door replacement.

    • Countless Faults and Malfunctions

    Has it become second nature for your garage door to break down or get stuck? Do you find yourself calling the garage door experts to offer repair services numerous times in a short time frame? When you realize that the issues with your garage door never seem to end, then it’s a good sign you need to replace it.

    • Severe Damage

    Harsh weather, collision/hard impact, burglary are examples of incidents that could leave your garage door unsalvageable. Don’t spend so much money trying to repair and patch up a garage door that is clearly damaged. How about you count your losses and make the bold step of replacing it with a new one? It may cost you a bit more, but in exchange, you will enjoy peace of mind, efficiency and enhanced security.

    • It’s Just Too Old

    Just like all other man-made items, a garage door has a set amount of service years. While you can chuck a couple of more years of service out of your garage door through proper maintenance and frequent repairs, you just have to admit it when it is visible that your garage door has done its time.

    Get a new garage door installed. The best thing here is that you can take advantage of your situation by opting for a newer style, a more secure garage door, and a more efficient lifting mechanism.

    • Energy Inefficient

    Even with adequate insulation, a garage door may let in a lot of outside air upon opening. This may prompt your AC to work overtime trying to keep your garage and the rest of the house temperatures normal. A function that may cost you an arm and a leg in energy costs.

    Why don’t you instead go for an energy-efficient option?

    • Safety Features

    This is an important factor, especially if you have kids or you happen to need enhanced security. If your current garage door lacks appropriate safety features, then a child can open it and wander outside away from your watchful eye. What’s worse, someone might break in without your knowledge.

    Contact us for garage door replacement services now. We will show you a wide array of modern garage door with child lock safety systems, and alarm systems that keep you and your family safe at all times.

    Give us a call... we will be happy to give you a free quote and answer any more questions you have.

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