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24-7 Emergency Garage Door Repair, Broken Spring Repair in Concord Area

24-7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

JTH Garage Doors

Emergency Garage Door and Spring Repair in Concord NC

If you require an emergency garage door repair in Concord or the surrounding area, you can count on JTH Garage Doors to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will do what it takes to get you back in and out of your garage. If you have a broken spring, pulley, or other component preventing you from opening and shutting your garage door, we will respond and get you back up and running quickly, always going above and beyond. We know garage doors and broken garage springs tend to occur at the worst possible moments.

We take pride in our ability and commitment to serve our customers not only when they want to improve the aesthetics or functionality of their garage doors, but to respond quickly when a problem arises. Our customer reviews show this. We will do what is necessary to arrive quickly to replace your broken garage door spring, pulleys, cables, door, and get you back into your garage again. Following repairs, we inspect your other components for wear and tear to reduce the risk of another untimely broken garage door. If your garage door has two springs and only one is broken, we will let you know that we want to replace both so your garage door won't suffer another broken spring incident soon after.


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     JTH Garage Doors and Service Focused on You

    In addition to our emergency garage door repair services, we can install, replace, or upgrade your garage door you have come to the right place. At JTH Garage Doors we have got you covered with all of your garage door needs. Whether it is fixing up a door that is having some trouble opening and closing correctly or installing a garage door opener. You can rest assured that if you give us a call we will be able to get your garage doors working back at full strength in no time!

    We always get asked why we decided to build a company that was specifically dedicated to installing and fixing garage doors in Concord and the surrounding area. Our answer has always been the same, we believe that the companies that were around at the time always sort of fell short when dealing with these types of doors. Obviously what has allowed us to stay around is pretty much the fact that we were right when we made that assessment! We are not a general service contractor guessing how these doors work. We are automatic door professionals that specialize in garage door systems.

    Our Garage Door Services

    When you give us a call or even if you read along you will find that we don’t try anything fancy with our services. We work on installing and repairing all sorts of garage doors with quality and integrity. We also provide maintenance to existing garage doors to be able to keep them running smoothly despite the natural wear and tear that could come to these doors.

    When you need a garage spring or door repair any time of day, we offer 24-hour emergency garage door repair services in Concord, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Midland, Huntersville, and the Charlotte University area to you.

    Garage Door and Spring Repair

    In Concord, garage door and spring repair is a common task for us. We have met people that have actually gotten that done on their own, typically with temporary success. The main thing that you really need to watch out for here is to make sure that the springs and door mechanisms are being repaired with the right components. Time and time again we have had to come in and fix springs that were not the right size or where just cheaply made and ended up breaking apart. It goes without saying that we believe your best bet is to go with a professional service to help you out in these endeavors.

    JTH Garage Doors works with top quality door components when performing garage door replacements in Concord and surrounding areas. Whether you want to update your home’s overall look or require an emergency garage door replacement, we are ready to help. Some may want to have insulated doors, or just want a quieter garage. The components used in the construction of the door can have a significant impact on the doors appearance, performance, and maintenance. The weight, size, and shape of the new door may force you to update the system that is going to automatically open the door. We can help you install a new door in no time and make sure that it is working properly before we can call it a day!


    Like any type of equipment, garage doors will experience wear and tear from regular use. Regardless of the type of service your doors require, we can handle anything that could come our way.

    Garage door service includes caring for and possibly replacing worn garage springs, pulleys, cables, rails, the garage door opener, and other supporting components. There are a lot of moving parts in garages that can fail, causing the door to not function correctly. If you have concerns or need quality service, call us for your Concord garage door service and repair needs.

    Not all garage door installation services are made equal. There are times when the client will be the one to provide the door for us. In these cases, we are talking about custom doors that essentially come in one or many pieces. In these cases what we will have to do is We will work with you to figure out how to install an automatic opening system that is going to fit the door. If you are looking to install a traditional garage door we will go step by step in putting in the different parts of the door into the existing mold so to speak. We have an excellent selection of garage doors here in the Concord NC area to meet your needs and desires. Finally, if you require an emergency garage door installation, our team is ready to respond. Just give us a call today.

    Garage Door Pvc. Hand Use Remote Controller For Closing And Open

    Are you sick and tired of having to wait for your garage door to open, or the fact that you have to press the button on your remote control as hard as you can to get it to open? Or worse, having to listen to your garage door open and close from the furthest ends of your home? We can help you update your entire garage door opener system. From updating the remotes to changing out the system entirely. A lot of doors in Concord are still working with the same type of equipment for over 20 or 30 years. That is a true testament to quality equipment that a lot of companies build. Let us help install a new door with innovative technology to help make your life easier.

    If you are looking to build a garage door on a large scale, or need help with your existing door give us a call! We have worked with commercial garage doors for all sorts of industries that are looking to build doors for their warehouses. We have worked on doors built out of several different types of materials and we can proudly say, that we have obtained great results all across the board!

    If you need a repair to your door, give us a call. We will come out quickly to give you an analysis and best quote in the Concord area.


    Contact Us For More Information

    Now, that you have gotten a chance to take a look at all of the different services that we offer we want to know more about you! What type of door do you need help with? If you are just looking to install an automatic door for the first time we can provide a wide array of options for you to build a door that you know is going to be reliable. Call or contact us and we can get right to work on installing or repairing your garage door!

    We serve Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Mount Pleasant, Midland, Locust, Mint Hill, Matthews, Indian Trail, Huntersville, North and East Charlotte, and surrounding areas


    I had a really tough time finding the right company to help me out any time that I had an issue with my door. Ever since I found JTH Garage Doors though, those troubles are no more! I fully recommend their services!

    Frank D.


    If you ever have issues with your garage door call JTH Garage Doors. These guys are true professionals and they can handle any type of problem you may have with your garage door!

    Greg W.


    I have multiple doors in my warehouse that I need to have them working perfectly at all times. The guys at JTH Garage Doors really help me keep them working perfectly all year around.

    Mitch H.

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